Regional Growth Plan

The FNSB Regional Growth Plan is a tool to gather, analyze and share information in order to prepare for and maximize the benefits of Eielson growth for FNSB residents.

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Project Updates:

Project Update #2 - 11/29/2017
Project Update #1 - 10/13/2017

Updated Eielson Regional Growth Plan Preliminary Findings

What is included and where can you find it:

Updated Population Increase Breakdown (for F-35 Beddown and Military Construction) 8
Updated Anticipated Arrival for New Personnel at EAFB by Fiscal and Calendar Years 9-10
Updated Population Projections 11
Updated Employment Projections 14-17
Focus Group Results on Employment and Training 21-23
Updated Population Projects (Ages 17 and Under)  
Education Data: Location of Military-Connected Students in FNSB School District and School Capacity 28-29
Focus Group Results on Education 31-33
Focus Group Results on Housing 35-41
Updated Housing Demand/Supply Projects and Preliminary Recommendations/Solutions 45-65

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Focus Group Results

A comprehensive package of Focus Group Results covering many Regional Growth Plan topics: housing, employment and training, education and childcare, quality of life, utilities and infrastructure, transportation, public safety. On October 17, 18 and 19, the Regional Growth Plan team conducted a series of five focus groups with activity duty personnel, civilian employees and their families to learn about their experience moving to the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Read what they had to say!

Download the Focus Group Results

Highlights From the Updated Preliminary Findings Report

Below are a few slides from the Updated Eielson Regional Growth Plan Preliminary Findings report.

Download a PDF of the full report.

Community Conversations and Presentations

THANK YOU to everyone that has taken the time to talk with our project team!
Over the last five months, we have...

Interviewed over 80 local, regional, state and federal experts to learn more about existing programs, current and anticipated gaps in services and infrastructure, and potential solutions for helping to fill gaps. Among our interview participants:

  • Housing - Local builders, lenders, property owners and real estate community; Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation; Fairbanks Neighborhood Housing; Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor’s Office, Community Planning; Fairbanks Housing and Homelessness Coalition; State of Alaska Housing Finance Corporation; Alaska Department of Military and Veteran Affairs; Air Force Planners for F-35 Beddown; Birchwood Homes; Mt. McKinley Bank; GHEMM Company and USAF Housing and Installation Management.
  • Education and Workforce Development - Fairbanks School District Career and Technical Education; University of Alaska Community and Technical College, including Allied Programs (focus on health care industry jobs); University of Alaska Statewide Workforce Programs; Eielson Air Force Base Airman and Family Readiness Center; Eielson Air Force Base School Liaison Program; University of Alaska Community and Technical College Northern Military Programs; Emsi Labor Market Data Experts; Fairbanks Job Center: Alaska Job Center Network; Fairbanks Central Labor Council.
  • Childcare - thread Alaska Childcare Assistance; University of Alaska Community and Technical College Early Childhood Education Program; Eielson Air Force Base Child Care Development Center; Thrivalaska; State of Alaska Child Care Program Office.
  • Health and Social Services - Foundation Health Partners Executive Staff; EAFB Clinic Administrator; Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; FNSB Community Planning Department Planning and Division of Air Quality; Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System.
  • Public Safety, Fire Services, Emergency Management - Alaska State Troopers; City of Fairbanks and City of North Pole Police; FNSB Fire Service Districts; FNSB Emergency Management; FNSB Animal Control; City of Fairbanks Emergency Communications Center; City of Fairbanks Police and Fire officials; Alaska State Troopers; Alaska State Fire Marshal; FNSB Emergency Management; local Fire Service officials.
  • Infrastructure: Communications, Energy, Power, Water and Sewer - ACS; GCI; GVEA; Aurora Energy; City of North Pole Public Works; Interior Gas Utility; Fairbanks area utilities; Officials responsible for new infrastructure in the FNSB.
  • Planning and Zoning - FNSB Community Planning Department; EAFB and Ft. Wainwright planners.
  • Air Quality - FNSB Air Quality.
  • Transportation - Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS); Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; Alaska Railroad Corporation; Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Transportation Infrastructure Committee.

Conducted a Housing Strategy Session. In partnership with the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation, the Eielson Regional Growth Plan Team gathered a group of industry representatives to get direct input on: What housing solutions will work best for the Fairbanks North Star Borough community? The group discussed:

  • What are the obstacles to meeting the housing need?
  • What are the team’s preliminary housing recommendations?

The Regional Growth Plan Team will use participant input, as well as continued feedback from other community and industry representatives, to refine draft housing recommendations toward the February 2018 Draft.

Conducted a Planning and Zoning Strategy Session. The Fairbanks North Star Borough Community Planning Department hosted a discussion on land use, planning and zoning needs, gaps and potential solutions for meeting Eielson-related growth in the borough. The group, including the Borough’s Division of Land Management, Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS), and Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, discussed potential conceptual level scenarios for amount, character and locations of Eielson-related growth.

Presented a project update and received initial input from Governor Walker. The Regional Growth Plan Team provided a project update during the November 17th Tiger Team meeting where Governor Walker presented Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation Executive Director, Jim Dodson, the Alaska Legion of Merit Award. This project update focused on – what is the potential role of the State of Alaska in leading and/or supporting solutions that will meet the needs of the incoming F-35 population?

Conducted a Workforce Development Strategy Session. Workforce development partners representing local, regional and statewide education, employment and training entities gathered to discuss – what are the potential workforce development needs of the incoming population; what resources and barriers are there to accessing existing programs and services; and, what are some potential solutions for meeting resource gaps? How, too, can this effort benefit and secure employment for the borough’s unemployed population?

Facilitated and participated in approximately 12 public presentations over the past four months in Fairbanks, North Pole and Salcha to community members, Fairbanks City Council Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and Planning Commission, Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, Greater Fairbanks Board of Realtors, Interior Alaska Delegation, Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation-sponsored Housing Summit, Air Force Site Activation Task Force (SATAF) on Eielson Air Force Base, Tiger Team.

Conducted five focus groups with Eielson Air Force Base active duty and civilian personnel and their families. We learned from them:

  • What was it like moving to Interior Alaska?
  • What went well? What were some of the challenges?
  • How do they feel about local options for: housing, schools, childcare, recreation, employment?
  • How can the community learn from their experience to prepare for incoming Air Force personnel and their families AND make the Fairbanks North Star Borough an even better place to live?

Facilitated a discussion with the FNSB Land Management Team on the Tamarack Area Development Plan. We explored issues and options for the Tamarack parcel of Borough-owned land as one part of a response to demand for F-35 population-related housing.

Existing Conditions

Regional Housing

Fiscal Impact



Workforce Development

Planning + Zoning

Utilities + Infrastructure

Public Safety

Health + Social Services

Quality of Life

Regional Coordination

Date              Document Title

11/3/17                   Updated Eielson Regional Growth Plan Preliminary Findings
11/3/17                  Focus Group Results
8/18/17                  FNSB Eielson Regional Growth Plan, Preliminary Findings: August 2017 Presentation (PDF)

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